Digital Marketing, Now & the Future!

India is a densely populated country (1,339,180,127 as of July 2017) rank 2nd in the world. There are various opportunities that are created every minute for the people. And when we say Digital Marketing, take a note that the future of digital marketing in India and the scope of digital marketing in the future is going to get much noticed and brighter in the upcoming years. A mobile phone, tablets and laptops have become the basic need for the people.

Even if you want to buy a new kitchen appliance for your mother, you go online; compare prices of the brands and shortlist the product of your choice. Sometimes you buy it online if you get it at the reasonable price. And when it comes down to business, no doubt the trend of digital marketing is on the boom. Everyone wants to market their products and the services through internet to increase the reach. Compared to traditional marketing these are some key benefits which makes the digital marketing strategy more effective and more effective.

Digital Marketing industry in India is a booming career today. In country with a rapid growth economy, it is expected to have a very high significant growth in Digital Marketing career. The growth in Digital Marketing trends in making is making very huge impact on the marketing and advertising industry. The huge picture of Digital Marketing cannot be complete if short preview of the past preview of the digital marketing statistics is not made up.

The report by the International Journal of Advanced Research Foundation summarized that India is getting to see the Golden period of the internet sector between 2013 to 2019 with incredible growth opportunities and secure growth adoption for E-Commerce, internet advertising, Social Media, Search Engine Optimization, online content and services related to Digital Marketing. In India, Digital Marketing started to get visible around 2010.

With the entry of ecommerce websites like Amazon and Flipkart, the digital marketing arena started to peak. The industry growth between 2010 and 2017 had been tremendous. There are many surveys on internet which shows the growth at 25% to 40% on an annual basis.

Coming to what is the future of Digital Marketing in India? Digital Marketing will remain the most powerful growing industry at least for next 5 year.  Let’s list down the 10 reasons as to why the future of the Digital Marketing is going to be bright in India –

  • Various and drastic changes in traditional marketing.
  • Digital is the new name.
  • Government’s “Digital India” initiative backs up.
  • Reaching global markets.
  • Institutions coming up with Digital Marketing courses.
  • Small towns getting digitally equipped.
  • Higher engagement rate.
  • Growth in the number of internet users.
  • Increased digital classifieds market revenue.

The scope is wider when it comes to Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing will remain as the most powerful way of marketing in the future. But as the ways of Digital Marketing is changing every day, marketer has to be updated and adoptive of the latest trends and sources. Not only that, digital marketer of today and tomorrow will have to anticipate changes and implement it way earlier than the changes actually happens. So take advantage of it.

So if you are thinking ought to or not to, it is time to go digital!

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